Friday, July 19, 2013

Evernote Food 2.0 – your culinary travel companion

How often is it that you’re travelling and go out to taste the local cuisine? Atleast for me, that’s often the case. For example, I was recently in Mumbai and had heard so much about the sea food served at Mahesh Lunch Home that I had to go and pay it a visit. Now, considering that a friend of mine ditched me at the last minute, I spent quite some alone time with the fish, prawns and lobsters I gorged on.

Only that, now I want to boast about the spectacular food to my friends, but have nothing to show for it. But wait a minute, that’s where Evernote Food 2.0 comes in handy. You can save all your favorite food and meals in it, and park it this virtual foodie memory of yours forever. The app, Evernote Food 2.0, not only allows you to save all the food and meals you love, but also search for recipes and take down recipes too. You can also search for the restaurants and eat out places in your vicinity.

The app was tested out by popular food writer and consultant, Parul Shirazi, by taking it out for a spin at the Kingdom of Dreams. Here goes the video from the same.

Share your Evernote Food 2.0 use case and we could feature it here as well.

- Karan Bhujbal, Contributing author

Saturday, July 13, 2013

4 Must Visit Restaurants in Noida

After spending 20 years in Noida and watching it grow from an abandoned to a well-populated place, I thought it would only be right if I shared my love for the city, in the form of the gastronomic delights that lie within it. Enclosed below are 4 must visit restaurants of Noida.

1.) Barbeque Nation
Last weekends’ treat at BBQ Nation would always be remembered. One because of the crazy company I had and second, because of the place itself.

The warm greeting at the entrance with a bowl of sweets makes you feel like a king or queen. Then the best part is the grill that is kept at your table. Normally we see salt and pepper bottles or sauces kept on the table but BBQ Nation is different, they have all kinds of oils kept on table with BBQ brushes.

Talking about food, the starters are amazing and filling. Specially the vegetarian food served there is fabulous and so up to the mark. From veg kebabs, grilled potatoes, fried corns to tikkas; it’s a delightful place for vegetarians. For people like me, who’re hard core non-vegetarians, chicken drumsticks were good, and prawns and fish were too good to be true.

The main course was not as good, but the desserts compensated that. The rabri and firni grabbed my attention at first as both were served in small matkis, but taste wise, I loved the Gulab Jamun and ice cream.

 In conclusion, it is a good place, with good food, remarkable service and warm ambience.
Last but not the least, the amazing thing that we noticed was their ‘NO TIP TAKING POLICY’! How cool…J           

2.) Fortune Cookies
One of the oldest and most authentic places in NOIDA that serves Chinese food is Fortune Cookies.

Located in Sector 18, this restaurant is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants and really shows that ‘Old is Gold’. The red and black theme, with chinese craft work and lots of gold embellishments, give the feel of mini CHINA.  

All those who crave for authentic Chinese with minimal salt and perfect flavor, this is the place to be. The golden fried prawns, garlic chicken and chinese vegetables in Cashewnut gravy are just too delicious and appetizing. Though the food is a bit expensive, the quantity is good enough to balance it out. The service is the best part of this place, as no matter how crowded, you would be served without any delays.

One can surely trust this place when you are extremely hungry and just want to hog. Not to forget the interesting end, the Fortune cookies. Crack open those little cookies and read your fortune!

3.) Kaffiiaa
One of the places where I’ve spent most of my college days, hanging out with friends, is Kaffiiaa. The Italian restaurant in Sector 18 market has a lot of good memories associated with it. Its Pastas, Bruschetta’s, salads and even shakes, are good and delightful. It’s also one of the places that serves Hookah in Noida.

The ambience is very similar to the popular Big Chill, with Old Hollywood movie posters adorning the wall and comfortable red couches adding funkiness to the place. It is a place where you will find all age groups of people, from school kids to Amitians to corporate staff. It is one of the most happening places situated in the center of the market. So, all the Hookah lovers in Noida this is the place to visit if you haven’t.

4.) Karims
As I introduced myself earlier, am a hard core non-vergetarian. Now I’ve always wanted to go to Jama Masjid and try the alluring kebabs and chicken biryani. But no problem guys, my smart dad found a solution to this – Karims!

The KARIMS in Noida is the place to be if you like to eat well cooked, rich Mughlai food and never got a chance to visit Jama Masjid for Mughlai food. This outlet in Noida brings out the best of Mughlai food and the taste is exactly similar to its Jama Masjid outlet (As my Dad says).

Personally I Loved the Chicken Biryani and Kebabs. But it has more than just starters; the menu is filled with variety of chicken and mutton dishes. In vegetarian, Makhani Daal is a must try.

Tell us about your favorite places to eat in Noida?

- Mriga Arora, Contributing author