Friday, January 10, 2014


Grimod de la Reyni√®re, a famous Parisian restaurant reviewer in the 18th century, once said, “The kitchen is a country in which there are always discoveries to be made.” And well said, since the journey of cooking involves discoveries that are made with every stir. With a passion for food and the willingness to experiment, each time they are mixed in different proportions, a new dish is discovered. And, the exploration of new ingredients, recipes and presentation just adds to the culinary romance.

Discover Food
Along the “discover” theme, Opera Software organized a #DiscoverWithOpera food bloggers meet-up, inviting some of Delhi’s top food bloggers at Ahoy! Asia, one of Delhi’s brand-new Oriental restaurants. Ahoy! was started by friends, Arun Chanda and Satayajit Mukherjee, whose passion for food and experience in the food & beverage industry is reflected in the variety in the menu and the service at the place.

Arun Chanda welcoming food bloggers at Ahoy! Asia 
Just like Opera users set out to discover content on the web, food bloggers were given the opportunity to embark on a journey of Oriental food discovery. The afternoon was well spent, with bloggers passing the test of identifying various cuisines including Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Malaysian. According to Arun, “We are here to give everyone an unforgettable Oriental food experience with a great fusion between classic and modern techniques of cooking that is well suited for the local palette. Our main focus was to have a fun family eating-out place with excellent value for money.” Along with an afternoon of fun-filled activities, the bloggers were also quizzed on Asian cuisine, and Arun was successful in busting some popular myths often associated with the cuisine.

Japanese cuisine Okonomiyaki

Talking about Opera’s “Discover” feature, Sunil also added, “Opera gives an opportunity to users to get hot, new content with no browsing necessary, thanks to the new ‘Discover’ feature available on Opera for Android and Opera for Windows & Mac.” The feature allows you to lean back and be fed with new articles from your country, or whatever region you want to get inspiration from, right in your browser — all in one place. Users can pick and choose their category: News, Food, Technology or anything else that interests them. Just sit back, click and discover something completely new.

Read latest food news on Opera Discover feature
The bloggers also got a chance to try out some of popular Oriental dishes including Chuanr Lamb Kebab from Uyghur, Thai Tofu & Bell Pepper Satay, Uyghur DaPanJi (chicken stew), Zhua Fan Lamb Pulao and Banana Spring Rolls with a vanilla ice-cream scoop & caramel sauce.
The popular restaurant in the GK II market is the perfect place for letting your hair down and trying out some lip-smacking dishes. One of the things to watch is Uyghur cuisine from the Xinjiang region of China, which is a rare amalgamation of Islamic and traditional Chinese culinary influence!

Vietnamese Chicken Banhmi Sandwich

Event at a glance:

Opera Browser- Made to Discover

Ahoy! Asia prepped for #DiscoverWithOpera Food Bloggers Meet

Ahoy! Asia ready for a delicious afternoon with Opera Software

Enjoying oriental tea
Sunil Kamath, Vice-President for South Asia, Opera Software welcoming the bloggers

Discover the ingredients

What's going on in the mind- Cabbage, cheese and ???

Japanese Chicken Yakitori

Korean Mandupi Chips

Relishing the food at Ahoy! Asia

Sunil Kamath, V.P for South Asia, Opera Software explains tech 

Tangjiao Uyghur style lamb dumplings soup

Banana Spring Rolls with vanilla scoop & caramel sauce

Say O

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bite into this #DiscoverWithOpera contest now!

Did you know egg white can be used for treating burned skin? Or that ‘Okonomiyaki’ is the name of a Japanese savory pancake that is made of a variety of ingredients? As disparate as they are, both the facts mentioned above are food related discoveries that amazed us.

Opera Software, who enables more than 350 million internet consumers worldwide to discover and connect with the content and services that matter most to them, are in similar mood, and hence are today announcing the launch of the #DiscoverWithOpera contest for testing your gastronomical knowledge.

To enter this contest, you’re urged to share your food related discoveries – which maybe an innovative recipe you made or discovered, or a mixture of ingredients you never realized could produce an outstanding result or a restaurant at some corner of your city that serves some sumptuous food. Share these discoveries on Facebook or Twitter, but it’s essential you use #DiscoverWithOpera in them. Other details are enclosed below:

Terms & Conditions:
       All tweets & comments need to be accompanied with #DiscoverWithOpera
       Contest begins on 8th Jan at 12pm and closes on the midnight of 15th Jan 2014
       Contest open only for Indian residents
       Top 10 people, with the most creative &/ or interesting discovered will win cool Opera merchandize
       Top 5 of these people will also win vouchers worth Rs1500/- from a restaurant in your city. For e.g. in Delhi, our vouchers will be from the newest Oriental restaurant in town - Ahoy! Asia