Sunday, May 19, 2013

5 must visit restaurants in Khan Market

Saadi Dilli has got its own share of plush malls, shopping malls, complexes…… and then it has also  got Khan Market.

An upscale market in South Delhi where you will find everyone..ok mostly everyone wearing starched cottons in the summer or crepes and silks in the winter carrying their Gucci’s, Chanel’s  flaunting their   BMW’s, Porsche’s Audi’s and what not. The market has its own set of home stores, jewellers, upscale grocers, expensive designer & non-designer boutiques, bookstores & imported magazines kiosks, kiddie stores and even a shop dedicated to pets but most importantly it's a foodies paradise.

I have myself been a visitor to Khan Market to satiate my hunger pangs on different occasions which included my birthdays, my dates, my break-ups, catching up with  friends etc. Whatever the occasion may be, this market has always been my first choice. Some of the great places to hangout in Khan Market are :

Big Chill - Big Chill is the best place to eat out and dine in Delhi. I have always loved its Hollywood movie themed décor, mainly posters of movies of 60 and 70 adorning the walls. The place has great options for the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians. My personal favorites are Fusilli with Chickens, Mushrooms and Sundried Tomatoes, Fusilli Piri Piri,  stuffed Ravioli’s, Veggies Pizza. Don’t forget to try Cheesecake with blueberry sauce and Mud Pie. They are a real treat.
Cost for two : Rs 1500 for two (without alcohol), taxes extra

Route 04 - Route 04 is an American Diner, located in the famed middle lane of Khan Market. Spread over 2 floors, the second floor allows outdoor seating and smoking. Route 04 is one of the best   places to drink and party. The reason being, they have HAPPY HOURS from 4pm – 10pm every day. The music is good, the noise is high, and conversations are loud. The place offers a decent variety on drinks menu, while some of the must try in food menu are Hawaiian Cottage Cheese Sticks, Pizza, American Grilled Chicken Skewers , Grilled BBQ Prawns, Pasta and   Burritos
Cost: - Rs 1500 for two (including drinks and food), taxes extra

Boombox Café  - This place has an appealing ambience with terrace sitting . A lot of efforts have gone in for the interiors and it is clearly visible with every detailing. Not to forget, this place has almost all the cuisines you can think of.  Must try’s here would be Sheesha and Nachos (they are the best, I have had)
Cost   : Rs 1,500 – 2,000 for two (with alcohol and food), taxes extra

Mamagoto – Mamagoto place is bright, vivacious casual and pleasant. This South East Asian place is perfect combination of   low prices and high quality. Mamagoto means "to play with food" in Japanese, and the place has justified its name by playing with the original ingredients and adding that different zing to the food. Don’t forget to gorge on the Coal Fired Egg Eggplant and, Thai Chicken and Water Chestnut Spring Roll, Spicy Fried Calamari,Cost   : Rs 1,200- 1,300 for two (without alcohol), taxes extra

Khan Chacha - Khan Chacha needs no introduction to Delhities. The place has mouth watering kebab rolls, kathi rolls, keema rolls, veggy rolls, mutton seekh kebabs, paneer tikka, mutton tikka, rumali rolls, chicken tikka, chicken tikka rumali rolls that melt in  the mouth.
Cost: 300-350 for two, taxes extra

I hope this you will enjoy visiting these places as much as I do .Do let me know your feedback. Meanwhile, it’s a Saturday night, and I am off to my favorite place in Delhi city. And I am sure, by now you also know quite a lot about my favorite place…

- Neha Chandra, Contributing Author

Friday, May 17, 2013

5 best street food outlets at GK M block market

Putting together a list of only five must eat at places for any part of Delhi is a difficult task. Talk to any Dilliwala about where to eat and he will probably tell you 20 places in 2 mins by memory!

GK M block market in South Delhi is hub of world-class brand stores, local vendors, fine dining restaurants and fashion thrift stores. A walk through the market is a journey of discovery- in many ways a gastronomical one that you will not forget easily.  From sophisticated multi cuisine restaurants to the roadside kiosks, this one has something for everyone.

Don’t be surprised if you catch burqa clad Gucci carrying women, hassled parking assistants, roadside vendors, swanky tourists, swarm of Punjabi aunties as well as the DU crowd thronging on the same roadside food stalls here.  We bring you the ultimate round up of the must eat street food places in GK that are representative of Dilli’s personality: casual, cheap and full of flavour!

1.       Mahesh Chaat Bhandar
Ever since they made it to the Kapoor wedding, Dilliwalas love to queue up for the golgappas at this tiny shop. Waiting in the queue you may hear “the prices are astronomical” or “are all of these people really waiting for chaat??” However living in Delhi, I have come to love this place. 

Not To Miss: Golgappas (Rs.30) and Palak papdi chaat (Rs.70)

2.       Aunty Special Momos
Tiny little kiosk next to Prince Pan is Aunty Special Momos. Melida, a Manipuri lady now fronts this small counter which has been here for last 13 years.

Not To Miss: Anything!! Aunty can make a mix plate on special request with one of each type of momos.

3.       Prince Paan Nimbu Paani
While you enjoy the really hot chutney that comes with these momos, grab a glass of fresh lime soda from Prince Paan Nimbu Paani (not to be confused with Prince ‘Pan’, the place known for chocolate pan) . Nothing beats the heat as this pimped up version of our very own banta. The sweet-sour taste completely refreshes you in the scorching heat. They recently launched packaged version of their Nimbu Paani that lasts upto 3 months for Rs. 20 only!

Not To Miss: Nimbu Paani (rs.30) and Khus (Rs. 40)

4.       Brown Sugar Sandwiches
For a more serious hunger pang, head to Brown Sugar and enjoy their wide range of sandwiches in various kinds of breads that, true to their tagline, are sure to get you addicted! Although they offer a variety of other snacks, desserts and coolers, sandwiches here a sure shot filling and yummy meal.

Not To Miss: Pizza ‘n’ Cheese (Rs. 110) and Chicken ‘n’ Jalapenos (Rs. 130) sandwiches

5.       Prince Pan Bhandar
Finally, end this long walk with the famous Prince Pan corner. This place leaves you craving for more with its various types of pans- Ice cool, butterscotch pan, strawberry pan, just relax pan, meetha pan and pan ki chaat; the most popular one being the chocolate pan.

Not To Miss: the Chocolate pan (Rs. 30)

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- Aashima Grover

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My First time….

So, you are here, hooked on to this page in anticipation that some steamy stuff is going to be served. I guessed right; it’s about the headline and also proves that we Indians are more interested in private lives of others. But I am not going to hijack the headline into some kind of food review for my first blog for “Foodathon”. 

I would like to start with my sincere thanks to Javed Akthar’s progenies for the films like Dil Chahta Hai and  Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara based on male friendship and bonding, otherwise there stands  a strong chance of  being misunderstood here. Consider this, two man who know each other are in leisure conversation and trying to understand each other, there comes a point in the conversation when this acquaintance turns into a friendship and that turning point is when one asks another so WHEN WAS THE FIRST TIME YOU HAD….

Since I am the story weaver here, let me answer this question by becoming a part of this situation. Actually, I was in 11th standard when after exams, I had gone to my maternal home to spend summer holidays. It was one of the nights; I and my friends assembled to go to a local mela (a seasonal market). Some of my older friends initiated the idea of drinking beer in their company as they were already experienced and wanted to be the witness of a very important chapter in a guy’s life. I don’t want to disappoint you here, but yes, this is that crucial turning point in many male conversations from where acquaintance turns into a friendship.

And since then my affair with beer has been going strong in all thick and thins of life, she is an integral part of my life today. I still remember, it was a “Lion” beer which kissed my lips for the first time and after that I have lost count how many brands have gone by and sensitized my senses. Few names that have been part of me are Golden Eagle, Meakins 5000 & 10000, Dolphin, Thunderbolt, Sandpiper Haywards. And, in the recent years, with more money to spend, I had Kingfisher, Budweiser, Straus, Royal Challenger, Heineken, Stag, Asahi and many more. There are several stories in pursuit of quenching that eternal thirst and it can easily take shape of a book. Many of you must be having your stories; my best has to be when I and my friend were caught by police with 25 beers in Delhi on our scooter while going back to Ghaziabad, the actual trouble was that neither of us had a driving license or money to bribe. As a resident of Ghaziabad, this was one of the numerous  Delhi odysseys on my Bajaj Chetak scooter in college time to bring beer for night out with friends simply because Chetak scooter had a big storage space and Delhi had cheap beer. 

Being a communication professional, I can’t afford to miss the beer and conversations bit. It’s a conversation potboiler; beer smoothly leads its users to experience myriad emotions that life has to offer. According to our ancient books there are 9 expressions of life, known as “Nau Ras”. A beer offers it all, I am sure you would identify these lines that buzz our ears or we play them. Enjoy!! 

  1. Shringaar Ras – (Meeting and separation)- Yaar aaj uski bahut yaad aa rahi hai ..
  2. Veer Ras – (Heroic) – Tu Bolna Bhai, kya chahiye…Jaan chahiye hazir hai ??
  3.  Veebhats Ras – (Disgust)- Yaar tu samjha kar.. wo tere layak nahi hai…
  4. Raudra Ras – (Anger)-  Abe BHABHI ke baare main mat bolna koi bhi
  5. Bhayaanak Ras – (Fright)- Aaj mein Gaadi Chalaunga, tum logo ko zyada chad gayi hai
  6.  Karun Ras – Pity - Chal teri baat karata hoon usse, phone number de uska…
  7. Adbhut Ras – Wonder- Tu Kya samajh raha hai, mujhe chad gayi hai…
  8.  Shaant Ras – Peace - Tu to Mera bhai hai…bhai !
  9. Haasya Ras – (Humor)- Saalla… Aaj se Band!!!

-Saurabh Gupta, Contributing Author