Monday, March 18, 2013

Restaurant review | Cheri One Qutub, New Delhi

We had the opportunity to visit Cheri One recently and spent a lovely afternoon there. Located in Mehrauli, behind the Qutub Minar and along-side Blue Frog and Olive Bar & Kitchen, Cheri One enjoys’  the luxury of a really good location.

If you've visited any one of the 2 other places mentioned above, you would understand when we say that it surrounded by greenery. It's also the first restaurant along the Mehrauli road, which makes it great. However, a more apparent hoarding to direct people looking for the place would have been great. 

While inside, the tall green plantations will make you forget the dingy street and dug up roads outside it. The restaurant had been very nicely segregated into open air and closed sections. The L-shaped closed section too is quite unique, as we've not seen many other L-shaped restaurants. The stone walls and long hanging lights, close to the tables give it a very classic yet rich feel. 

We tasted the (1) Mediterranean pizza - having olives, sun dried tomato, bell pepper, eggplant, zucchini and feta on it and the (2) parmesan and white wine cream – having penne, grilled zucchini and yellow squash in it. In drinks we make did with beer and a glass of watermelon mocktail.

The pizza was the highlight of them all. Being thin crust and wood fired, it was crispy, yet warm and juicy. It was surprisingly better than the pizzas we’ve tasted at Olive Bar & Kitchen too! The pasta was just okay; nothing great. In little time from when it was served to when we finished it all, the white sauce became quite think, almost into lumps, clinging onto the penne. The beer and watermelon drinks were standard.

The prices at Cheri One are quite great. The total bill for all the 4 things we had, including taxes, was approx. Rs2000, which is very affordable in comparison to its counterparts along the same road.


Cheri One is a must visit. We went there for lunch, but we can bet the experience and ambience at dinner would be even better.

Karan Bhujbal, Contributing author

P.S. To see more pictures taken at Cheri One, please click on this link. 


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