Monday, June 3, 2013


Located right within the hustle and bustle of a busy Whitefield, Boondock Bistro has a benefit of contrast, as a place where one looks forward to laze and spend a slow weekend morning. With countless windows, natural light and plenty of ventilation, the two month old restaurant seems to offer a pleasant ambience – whether for young professionals looking for a working lunch or for couples looking for a relaxed and romantic dinner -  all the same. With illustrations of Paul Fernandes adorning the charmingly done interiors, and some cool comic-strip laminations on dining tables, it is not easy to overlook the thought and effort behind this steak house’s setting.

The menu and the kind of food served is a near-perfect attempt at making an American diner style offering. The weekend all-day breakfast is a big hit, with fresh slices of bacon served as part of the American breakfast platter. The pancakes are not quite out of the world, but work well nonetheless. All meat is fresh, thanks to a regular supplier.

The chicken has some good variations and manages to make you yearn for more. A must-try on the chicken menu is the slow-roasted chicken steak that is served with a choice of sauces; we recommend the pepper sauce that goes perfectly fine with the crispy roast. The Texas T-bone steak could be the next weakness for beef lovers. If you do, however, like your steak well-done, make sure the chef gets it through and gives it to you, as you like it. The chef also recommends the curry pasta – a curry flavored rendition of the Italian white sauce.

Desserts are in their nascent stage. The sinful chocolaty sizzling brownie is our favorite, while the apple cheese cake is a bit on the sweeter side, and has its fans amongst the regulars.

While the service is not lightning-quick, the fact that the owner shares a casual conversation with visitors gives the place an overall feel-good.

In all, Boondock Bistro is a bang for your buck. With menu prices inclusive of all taxes, they make sure you don’t end up selling your kidneys to pay VAT.

Quick Bites:
Best time to visit: Weekends for the ‘All-Day Breakfast’
Timings: Tue-Fri 12 pm to 10.30 pm; Sat-Sun 8am to 10.30 pm; Monday Holiday
Most Popular Item on the Menu: Sizzling steaks and home-style hamburgers
Must Eat:  The Texas T-bone Beef Steak
Average cost per meal: Vegetarian: Rs. 250/- | Non-vegetarian – Rs. 350/-
Home delivery: To be made available shortly

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-Priyanka Tadipatri, Contributing Author

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