Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pizza Hut ‘All You Can Eat Challenge’ experience

By now we’re sure all foodies already know that Pizza Hut’s started an ‘Unlimited Pizza Party’ offer where you can eat unlimited pizzas for Rs199/- only! To be more precise, in an offer running from 16th September to 20th October, consumers at Pizza Hut can have unlimited veg pizzas for Rs199 per person and non-veg pizzas for Rs299 per person. The offer is available across all 7 days of the week, during lunch and dinner, at all their outlets across the country.

And obviously like every brand would and should promote their offers, Pizza Hut’s also doing the same. They’ve rolled out TVC’s, sent direct mailers and even did a tweet-a-thon contest on Twitter.

But one stand out thing we’re reporting via this post is the ‘All You Can Eat Challenge’ that Pizza Hut hosted on 5th October. It was a showdown between 2 teams, with ample food enthusiasts in it. One was the team from Chef At Large, and the other team FOODATHON! Both teams, comprising of 4 members each, were given 30mins to eat as many slices of pizzas possible.

One by one, we managed to gulp 38 slices in 30mins, but were still defeated by team Chef At Large, who ate 41slices! Hats off to everyone on both the teams! I mean seriously! We eat fresh and hot pizzas, straight from the oven, with oodles of cheese on it and how! If you do the math, both teams respectively ate little more than 1 pizza slice every minute! That has to some record - if not a world or India record; maybe a south Delhi record!

More seriously, it was a fun event. It reintroduced Pizza Hut to most people on our team, as we mostly get cozy either with lounges or coffee shops! Personally, I had visited this same Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, Pizza Hut outlet, around 2-3years back and had a good experience. But I still never returned until now.

The pizzas too were great. They’ve always have been. The crust for me personally is a winner against Dominos, but still whenever you think of ordering pizzas, Dominos is the name that first comes to your mind.

Look forward to more such events from Pizza Hut!

- Karan Bhujbal, Contributing Author

P.S. Sadly, we couldn't take any pictures while we were eating, as we were too busy eating. 

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