Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Love Letter to Butter Chicken

Dear Butter-Chicken,

I find it the apt day to express my love for you. It’s Valentine’s Day and a whole lot of people are busy displaying their affection to their loved ones publicly  I resort to my way of displaying my affection in pen and paper. I kind of like it the traditional way.

I always had so much love, fame and appreciation in my life…… Yes I am one super-dude blessed with brawn and brain alike! But I have been wise. Wise enough to realize that all I ever wanted in my life is you. You bring a smile to my face. You have helped me wipe my tears. You have been everything to me. How I loved watching you, smiling at you, smelling you so that others won’t take notice and feeling you getting immersed in me. (Apologies if I got kinky in my language!)

I remember how I had a really bad break-up after being committed for 4 long years. One act of defiance, and I was shattered. I remember how when I returned home disappointed, my face, as my friends later told me, showed the anxiety as if the world would actually come to an end. I remember how I wanted the Mayans to be true. But what I also remember, and very fondly so, how you were waiting for me back at home. You were there in the kitchen. Looking fresh, and yes….HOT AND TEMPTING! I could feel my pain wither away. I was at a loss of words and happily so. I sincerely apologise for having ignored you and taken you for granted in these 4 long years.

But…….enough of all this! I admit. You are the one. No matter what way you treat me. No matter if you are cool with me, cold to me or hot to me. No matter if you give me the spice I require in life or be bland and boring. I just cannot have enough of you. I long for you. I live for you. I can kill for you and in more desperate times, get killed for you.

I love you! I love you in whatever way you are served to me. In a plate, a bowl, a cup or on the floor …………….I can’t survive without you and most literally so!


Truly Yours,
A True Foodie!

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